Dog Squad London Ltd – Terms & Conditions


  • Acceptance of services is deemed acceptance of our Terms & Conditions and an agreement to pay our fees on time & in according to our policy 
  • We reserve the right to deny or terminate our service because of the safety, financial or any other concerns, at any time.
  • As per UK Law, we cannot accept any dog into our care without an up to date microchip and an ID tag displaying the owners name, address (including Postcode), and telephone number is optional (but strongly recommended)


  • We will not accept dogs who wear choke chains or electric collars, nor will we administer any negative punishment which may cause the dog pain or distress
  • We cannot accept dogs who are not fully vaccinated – including kennel cough
  • Although every care is taken to prevent contact with dogs with kennel cough, parvovirus or other contagious conditions, the manner and ease of spread, incubation period and proximity of dogs means that it is always possible the client’s dog may contract it and we cannot be held liable
  • We cannot take dogs showing signs of illness, or dogs known to have infection 
  • The client consents to their dog/s being transported using car seat belts attached to their harness (harness to be provided by the client)/ crates. When necessary, dogs may be held temporarily in a penned area, sometimes with other dogs, spending periods of time in close proximity to other dogs 
  • The client consents to their dog/s sharing water bowls and toys with other dogs
  • The client consents to Dog Squad London feeding their dog/s as requested and to use treats to reinforce their dog/s for good behaviour
  • The client consents to Dog Squad London taking any action they consider suitable in order to protect and keep their dog in good health (the dogs are our biggest priority)
  • The client confirms they will be responsible for any costs which might be incurred, either Veterinary or other, as a result of any sickness, accident or damage caused to or by the above named dog/s, excepting third party liability and that they will pay any such costs or expenses on demand


  • The client gives permission for Dog Squad London to act as guardian for their dog/s
  • If for any reason we need to take the client’s dog to a vet at short notice, we will take them to our local vets: Voo Vets Wandsworth 
  • The client authorises the above-named vet to treat their dog/s in case of any injury or illness
  • The client agrees that, in the event of any surgery or euthanasia, the Dog Squad London representative will accept the advice of the Vet and, if the client cannot be contacted, the named emergency contact will be contacted
  • The client gives Dog Squad London permission to transport their dog/s to the above-named Vet by whichever means necessary
  • The client will be responsible for any transport costs to Dog Squad London as well as any Vet’s charges that may be incurred


  • Dog Squad London will not be liable for any damage or injury caused by the clients’ dog/s
  • Dog Squad London may charge the client for any excessive or unreasonable damage caused to our property by a client’s dog
  • Dog Squad London will not be liable for any theft of any client’s dog/s
  • Dog Squad London will not be liable for any injury/illness to the client’s dog/s unless we can be shown to be negligent
  • Dog Squad London cannot be held liable for any theft or damage to any client’s property unless we can be shown to be negligent 


  • If your dog is being collected/dropped off at the clients (your) home, please note that timeframes are guidelines only, as the exact time is often down to traffic and scheduling
  • We will do our best to keep clients updated with times, but we cannot guarantee this


  • Monday to Friday: we operate on a ‘spaces’ system. This means that if the client books for a Monday space for their dog/s, their dog has that month’s Mondays’ reserved

Invoicing process for Monday – Friday spaces  is as follows:

  • By 5pm on 20th of Month – Client must inform if there is to be any suspension of service for following month
  • By 23rd of Month (or nearest working day) – Dog Squad London will send out invoices for following month
  • By 30th of Month – Client must have settled invoice, or the booking is not secured
  • Saturdays: we accept ad-hoc bookings and operate on an availability basis, determined by first come, first served. Pre-arranged booking’s can be included in the  monthly invoice. 
  • For the ad-hoc bookings (weekends) and boarding bookings, we will send invoices when confirming availability. The weekend/boarding booking space is NOT confirmed until the payment has been received therefore prompt payment is recommended.
  • In the event of an ad-hoc Monday – Friday space being available, we will send the invoice when confirming availability. The space is NOT confirmed until the payment has been received therefore prompt payment is recommended.
  • We will only accept bookings from members. In order to become a member, the client and their dog has to go through the Membership process which includes providing emergency contact information, vaccination records, their dog passing the assessment and completing general permissions. 
  • Our fees may change during the year, but we endeavour to give clients’ a minimum of 4 weeks notice. Our up to date fees will always be found on our website, and we will also inform clients via email update.
  • Unless otherwise arranged with management (due to circumstance e.g. last minute request or late invoicing), we may not arrive to collect a dog until the booking has been confirmed and paid for. 


  • We may occasionally offer discounts (for last minute daycare availability)
  • Discounts will be discussed and agreed (in writing) with management ahead of any booking 
  • Any discounts will only apply if the full payment is made in advance
  • If cancellations are made by the client during the booking, any discount will fall away and be recalculated as per the amended booking – if still applicable


  • Cancellations must be made in writing on email Our cancellation policy applies from the date of invoice, irrelevant of whether the invoice has been paid yet.
  • For Monday – Friday daycare bookings …as we operate on a ‘spaces’ system, we need to be notified of any cancellation or for a temporary freeze of service to be  (e.g. due to holiday) before the 20th of the month before the scheduled booking. 
  • For Saturday daycare ad-hoc flexible bookings, we require a minimum of 48 hours notice in order for the client to receive a refund/credit
  • For Boarding bookings, we require a minimum of 7 days notice in order for the client to receive a refund/credit. Any less than 7 days notice will result in loss of payment.
  • Extreme weather conditions such as thunderstorms, torrential rain, extreme cold (less than 5 degrees) or heat (more than 30 degrees) may mean a curtailment or cancellation of our services at short notice. Credit/refunds must be discussed and agreed with management. Please note this policy exists for the safety and wellbeing of the dogs.
  • If the client’s dog/s suffer from extreme weather conditions (e.g. due to being a Brachycephalic dog), it will be the client’s responsibility to check the weather forecast ahead of time and cancel services with an absolute minimum 24hrs notice
  • If for any reason we are unable to collect a dog, we will try to give 24hrs notice. If not, we will do our best to visit the dog to take them out for a toilet break. Credit/refunds must be discussed and agreed with management 
  • We do not offer refunds or credit for cancellations made by the client on the day, no matter the circumstance
  • COVID: for any cancellations made for reasons related to covid, our policies will still apply. Although we do our best to be flexible, we are a small business and cannot afford to lose revenue. Please discuss any issues with management.


  • If we are collecting/ dropping your dog off, we will require either (a) a set of house keys or (b) a code to your lockbox outside your house. If it is a set of house keys, we will need 2 sets so that we can keep one set at our HQ for back-up / coordination purposes.
  • We may require a small fee if the client requires us to collect keys from them the first time. We ask that they are delivered to us, or handed to us upon the dogs’ very first collection.
  • The client must inform Dog Squad London of any/all visitors (e.g. friends/ cleaners etc) to the client’s property if they will be in the house at the same time as one of our team
  • No liability can be attached to Dog Squad London or our team members if a third party shares access to the client’s property or pets
  • The client agrees to send all requests to Dog Squad London (no requests to be sent directly to an individual team member) 


  • The client consents to their dog being photographed and the photographs being used in Dog Squad London marketing across multiple social media platforms, and updates via Instagram.